Need some good fresh air ?
There’s nothing better than a mix of open air, gastronomy and discoveries to recharge your batteries. In spring, through our blue and yellow-carpeted hills you can still have a glimpse of the Pyrénées mountains.
Strolling around and exploring
The land of plenty is still there, reality has outlived the myth. Follow the trails walking, horse riding or bike riding to enjoy the charm of the landscapes, the quiet atmosphere of a preserved natural environment and to meet the people genuinely proud of the riches of their land.  
The GR7path, the Roman Road, the forests, the marked trails of the Regional Natural Park are all there for you to explore whether you are an amateur or a confirmed walker. Discover the great number of possible tours and enjoy the adventure amidst our rainbow country.
Just breathe, make the most of it, you will not forget it!
Festivals, enjoying being together
The land of plenty is so much alive, simply being content with a taste for true things and a passion for sharing them with those who will take enough time to discover them.
If only for the festivals around, do stop by:
The Mills festival – June 3d Sunday
The clog and old crafts festival – July 3d Sunday  
The Pink Garlic festival – August 1st Friday  
The Bread and Savours festival – 15th August
Festivaugust – around the 15th August
Paintbrushes in the Pays de Cocagne – September 1st week-end.
« Les Estivales et Les Automnales » Summer and Autumn festivals, concerts, theatre and dance performances for all.
Two « Nightimes » organized by the tourist office to visit the Castela castle and medieval underground passage following the dim light of flaming torches! Compulsory booking In Augu.
Classical music festival « Musique des Lumières » in July.
The « ovalie tarnaise » (the Tarn rugby team), widely heard of during the elite national championship, is alive all year round, boosted by the dynamism of the local amateur rugby teams.  The legendary third half times are alive and kicking!
Drive to Castres or Albi to watch a match by the Castres Olympique or the Sporting Club Albigeois.
After a  match, be part of the atmosphere in a café where, after each match, people get together to celebrate what may well turn into an unforgettable fiesta. 

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