Homely gastronomy

The good food country
Pink garlic, saffron....subtle aromas
A tasty cuisine full of colors
In our land of plenty, people are proud of their culinary traditions, of their local products and they do love to share them. Amble around the markets, go round and visit the farms to try out t ducks, foies gras, cheeses…
Pink garlic
At Lautrec, the Label Rouge-awarded pink garlic is everywhere , revered through its local festival  every summer.
Pink garlic is also widely renown for being long-life.  Its rigid flower stalk (ail à bâton) accounts for its traditional grape-shaped packaging called manouille here as opposed to the current wreath.  The production of the Lautrec labelled Pink Garlic yearly varies between 400 and 800 tons.
Saffron, the precious red wealth
Saffron is the red wealth of Tarn. It was already grown back in the Middle Ages and is part and parcel of the local gastronomy with its subtle aromas widely sought after by the very best Chefs.
Meeting the Tarn people
Enjoy to the full your holiday time leisurely exploring the markets, meeting the producers. Pamper your taste buds and join in local festivals to try all the local savours : the bread festival, the pink garlic festival… and all the other numerous events and their tasting delights. 

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